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Glinkowski Carriages - Pair Spider Phaeton
Product Code: PROD19620
Glinkowski Carriages - Pair Spider Phaeton

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Product Description:

 Designed for Pair Pony, Cob or Horse

•  Leather upholstery
•  Adjustable pole with padded cover
•  Shafts
•  Wood or steel swingle trees with choice of ends
•  Spare swingle tree mounted
•  Driver’s wedge with quarter seats
•  Adjustable front seat board
•  Underseat storage
•  Removable dickey seat
•  Drawer under rear floor for spares
•  Rear disc brakes with stainless steel discs
•  Traditional hand brake with wheel control
•  Lamp brackets
•  Removable rear lamp bracket

•  Choice of paint color
•  Choice of stripe color
•  Choice of brass or chrome fittings
•  Choice of rein rail and grab handle styles
•  Other options available


•   Track width 138cm for pair pony, 148cm for pair horse
•  Approximate weight: 550lbs. 
(pair horse) 430lbs. (lightweight pair pony)

Base Price
$10,500 - Standard model
$10,350 - Light Weight model


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